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Newborn Nursery Plan

February 11, 2018

One of the most exciting things about finding out you’re pregnant is creating a plan in your mind of exactly how you want the nursery to be. We moved house just before Oscar was born, so his nursery was never a priority for us. We knew there was almost no point in decorating, and the bedroom we moved him into was a box room with white walls. Instead of painting, we just left it white and decided it would be…

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I’m Struggling To Escape The ‘Mum Guilt’

February 4, 2018
mum guilt

I’m finding it extremely difficult to get through most days without feeling some form of guilt now. My first baby turns two soon, and very shortly after, his brother will be born. I am looking back at his life and realising that there were so many stages of it I wished away, and so many things I didn’t do with him, and it makes me feel shit. Is ‘Mum Guilt’ even a real thing? Sadly, yes. What makes this whole…

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How My First Labour Went Wrong & Why I’m Hoping For A Positive Natural Birth

January 28, 2018

I have never been proud to tell my labour story. I have a terrible fear of judgement every time I mention the words “failure to progress”.Β After 3 days in labour, a failed induction, broken waters and having already exhausted every other option, I gave in and admitted defeat. Because it ended in an emergency caesarean section, I do feel somewhat inferior when it comes to discussing my birth story. Hopefully, I can use my experience to help others not make…

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13 Money Saving Resolutions For 2018

January 18, 2018

I found out that it was Blue Monday on the 15th of January, which is apparently the day we are all feeling a bit crap about our weight, our life, and our bank account balance. It’s so true, but I wouldn’t call it Blue Monday… I’d call it Blue Month.Β  Most of us are paid the week before Christmas, and despite the yearly “be careful though as it has to last you a bit longer!” advice that we receive and…

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