We Went To Whitby!

August 30, 2016
Last weekend, we decided to brave it in the car and go to Whitby. If you aren’t aware, it is a beautiful seaside/fishing town in North Yorkshire. For us, it is about an hour and a half away in the car. We had no idea about this though, before we set off. Stupidly I thought it was about half an hour away and did NOT prepare even slightly.
The whole place is so beautiful, a typical old English town, full of shops that sell sticks of rock, crystals and incense sticks. There is just something about places like this that makes me feel at home. Going abroad is fantastic, but going somewhere ‘proper english’ is just incredible.
I mean granted, the whole place smells of fish, but you can look past that.

We had a wander around as best we could, even though I felt an anxiety attack creeping up on me (there were about 500 people in every square foot of the place) and regardless of becoming lost a few times and going round in circles, we walked along the cobbled streets hunting down the best fish and chip shop, and trying to find a souvenir stall for my little sister. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to take O into the arcades so he could see all of the colours, but instead, he fell asleep. Babies, eh. 
Although we were crammed against every wall we could’ve been, we did have a great day. It rained every five minutes, but I really didn’t mind, because most people ran for cover when it did meaning we actually had space to move. Typically, I thought because it was forecast rain, it would actually be a quiet day. Turns out, everyone had the same idea as us!
We also seen a bloke with a hat on playing a violin and moving a dancing puppet of a creepy old woman with his feet. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.
We didn’t manage to see much, because O woke up for a bottle and the only place we could find with seats was right back where we started, so it took us quite a while to get back to having a look around, and by the time we’d walked around the full place, it was almost 6pm! We hurried to the car in the rain (Which, to make a bad situation worse, was parked up the steepest hill you could ever imagine. So steep, that the car actually struggled to get up it. Thanks, Anthony) which, i’ll tell you, wasn’t easy… but I did manage to get that lovely picture above. There are positives to everything.
I bought O an Opalite crystal for his memory box so we can always remember his first ever trip there, even if he won’t. Honestly, as difficult as it was, I can’t wait to go back, but next time I probably won’t be going on a Saturday.
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