Living With A Baby And A Cat

October 18, 2016

For those of you who don’t know, I accidentally, kind of, acquired a cat last year when I was 6 months pregnant and had no idea what to do. By this, I mean one day I didn’t want a cat and the next day I had one.

Her name is Luna and we think she is around 3.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I seen a woman on a local pet page advertise a cat she had found in her yard. She advised she was lost but she couldn’t take her in as she had a cat of her own who didn’t get on with others. I messaged the woman and told her I would take the cat in until her owners come forward (to be honest, I think I was just desperate for some form of company), and a few days later I fell in love with her. I advertised her everywhere for weeks secretly praying that nobody would come forward, and nobody ever did. Turns out she was that ladies cat and she just didn’t want her any more. It’s a sad situation, but I gained a fur baby so I don’t mind.

The only problem with this, was that, especially with me being pregnant, my family members MASSIVELY disapproved. None of them like cats,“they’re evil” “they kill things!” “they go in bins!”, so they tried their hardest to persuade me to get rid of her before I became too attached. Not only did they say that, but they also tried to convince me that she would “kill the baby”, “steal the milk from his breath”, “lay on his face”, “suffocate him”, the full works. I couldn’t understand how they would think this little thing who followed me around the house and fell asleep on my big pregnant belly every night would ever do that, but they managed to make me worry every day until he was born.

Spoiler: Luna did not steal the milk from O’s breath.

The day I brought him home, to be quite honest, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She didn’t have a clue what he was, she was all wide-eyed like puss in boots on crack, and she was running around like a lunatic, freaking out. Going by her reaction, it is safe to say she had never met a baby before.

After about three days she settled completely and just chose to ignore him. She still does, in fact. Every time he is in her vicinity she just moves. We have tried to introduce them a few times but she won’t have any of it. He is 7 months now and tries desperately to get her attention but she just runs away or sits just that little bit out of reach so he gets frustrated, and I am sure she just enjoys every minute of it. Anthony says she is the cat version of me – sassy and awkward. I have no idea what he means. 

She only ever goes near him when he is asleep, and even then she perches next to him and just watches him anxiously like she is going to run off as soon as he wakes up. I obviously have never ever left them in the same room and still wouldn’t. She stays downstairs on a night so there is no way she can be in his cot, or more importantly, in our bed. I can’t tell you the amount of times she stroked my face with her paws or nudged me with her head to try wake me up when I was pregnant. I can’t be dealing with that.

She also takes no looking after. She is a house cat, so when we go to work every day she is alone, but as long as she has her food, water and litter tray she pretty much entertains herself all day, or sleeps at the bottom of our bed, and greets us when we get home. She does have a naughty side, but I think we just accept that because it’s just the way she is. I once felt really sorry for her and decided to buy a harness to see if she would like to be taken for walks. Bad idea. Do not try to do that.

Overall, I worried for absolutely nothing. I know it completely depends on the cats personality, and I am sure there will come a time where she doesn’t like O very much, especially when he is chasing her around and pulling her tail, but I can’t see her ever being aggressive on purpose. She is never going to be normal. She hasn’t had a normal life. From what I have gathered, she has been passed from pillar to post more times than anyone could ever imagine. We have no idea how old she actually is and we don’t know her background, but she loves us and we love her.



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