My Baby Can’t Do That Yet

October 29, 2016

When I took O to get weighed the other day, the health visitor asked me if he could sit on the scales as opposed to laying on them. I understand, as he is awfully long for a 7 month old and was half hanging off, but when I replied “He can’t sit up properly yet” she replied in horror “He’s 7 months and he can’t sit up?”. I was rather embarrassed and felt like an awful mother. I said “No? But he is crawling”, to which she said “He can’t be crawling if he can’t sit up, surely?”

Sure enough, he can, because he is.

I realised this is why so many of us worry and compare our babies. The health visitor had no right saying that to me, and now I have been panicking for a few days when I really shouldn’t be. He CAN sit up, if I prop pillows around him and support his back, but he needs a bit more encouragement because he isn’t very confident with it yet. When I have managed to get him to support himself for a few minutes, he realises he is closer to his toes and sees the perfect opportunity to fit his full foot in his mouth so flops over and begins to chew on his socks. I can’t win.

I am obsessed with the wonder weeks app, and stupidly, with that, comes the obsession with Milestones. O is going through a good period (apparently, ha!), but it does also say he should be sitting up now and standing.

As you have probably guessed, as he isn’t sitting up, he definitely isn’t standing. He generally has been late at learning new physical skills. He wouldn’t hold his head up properly until he was 3 and a half months, he started rolling early a week after that at nearly 4 months and rolled everywhere continuously. He has just started crawling this week (exactly 7 months) I do understand it’s unusual for them to crawl before they can sit, but as long as he is crawling, the sitting can come later. He is too adventurous to sit still, regardless.

He is mentally very good. He says ‘mama’, he can clap his hands, he waves ‘bye bye’ and he copies or at least tries to copy lots of words we say to him. He also opens and closes his mouth when you ask him ‘what the fishy does’. He is very, very clever, but he is extremely lazy. He takes after his dad. 

What I am trying to say, is who the fuck cares. It may become a problem if he turns 1 and a half and he still can’t sit up, but while he is still only months old, why is there SO much pressure on us to follow guidelines. Half of them are wrong anyway. If you look at what I have said above, it means he is 50% amazingly advanced and 50% amazingly slow. They learn things at different paces, and it is so important to remember that, no matter how many ‘guidelines’ are thrown at you.


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  • Reply Susan Mann November 2, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    I was like this with my first, but you soon realise you know your baby best. Not anyone else, not matter how many qualifications or experience they have. Listen to your gut feeling, trust your instincts. Some babies do things differently, I have had 3 and all did different things are different times. You are doing a great job x

  • Reply Anonymous November 7, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Great post! My son is gonna be 6 months at the end of the month and I can't even imagine that a month after that he will be able to say mama and crawl and wave bye bye!

    I'm sick of people asking me can he do XYZ yet. Why can't we just enjoy what they can do now. And bloody health visitors… don't get me started!

  • Reply cuppa collective November 8, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    So annoying! Why must people compare! With my son it was 'ooh he's big for his age' with my daughter 'oh she's on the small side'.
    Neither of my children walked until after 16 months, but they are both very happy healthy little people

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