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October 28, 2016

I was tagged by the lovely Educating Roversi to do the Mummy Tag challenge and whipped up the opportunity. Although, I am not going to lie, I did ask to be tagged. I think I may possibly be the last person who has ever done it. Oops. Here goes:

‘Are you a Stay at home mum or a Working mum?’
I am a working mum, and definitely proud of that decision. I dont see O for 24 hours of the week (3 days 9am-5pm), but I see him the rest of that time and it definitely makes me appreciate the time I have with him more. I also love having the human interaction now. As much as I love being a mum, and it is the best feeling in the world,  I hate the repetitiveness of staying in the house on my own being bored, listening to cbeebies all day and trying to be an entertainer. Even though I have gone back to work, I have a bit more time to myself. I can gather my thoughts, and I am having a bit of a break while I am there, which makes me feel like I can be a better mum all round. A happy mum = a good mum.

‘Would you have it any other way?’
Definitely. I would love to spend every day with him, but we can’t physically afford to, and as I said above, I am definitely happier when I can be a mum but also have my own time.

‘Do you co-sleep?’
No. Mainly because Anthony is a psychopath in bed. One time he just sat up straight, turned his head like they do in creepy horror movies and pushed me with mighty force, and I was half awake, on the floor, thinking ‘what on earth just happened?’. He has terrible night terrors. I didn’t even trust him when the cat used to crawl into the bed in the middle of the night, so there is no way I would ever trust him with the baby while he is asleep. Not just that, but I do like knowing we have our bed and he has his, and because he has a dummy I really didn’t want to create too many things that will become a problem in the future.

‘What is your one must have item for your baby?’
For O, I couldn’t go without his dummy. He will literally sleep anywhere as long as he has it, so it saves a lot of fussing if we are ever out and about, and to this day we have never lost a single one. I bet we end up losing loads of them now I have wrote that though.

‘How many kids do you plan on having?’
Two, unless we end up having twins next, but two will be enough for me.

‘Date nights? How often do you have them?’
We have the opportunity for a date night every two weeks when O stays with his Nanna (my mum), however we don’t take advantage at all. Usually we sit in the house watching films, drinking wine/bud then we talk about O and how much we miss him. We have a thriving social life.

‘Your child’s favourite show?’
He is absolutely obsessed with Bing, Everything’s Rosie and his favourite out of all is Get Squiggling. He stares in awe at Squiglet for the full fifteen minutes. I must admit, if I have to listen to the alphabet song one more time I might go mental.

‘Name one thing you brought before you had the baby and never ended up using?’
Muslin Squares. I bought them and had no idea what they were until I was about 39 weeks pregnant and opened a packet out of curiosity. I am a huge fan of the pull over bibs, so never seen much use. I still have about 3 unopened packets of five upstairs somewhere.

‘Your child’s favourite food?’
Cauliflower cheese, hands down.

‘How many cars does your family have?’
Just one. We are currently sporting a Citreon Xsara Picasso, which I absolutely adore because I feel so safe in it.

‘Weight gain, before pregnancy, during and now?’
Two years before I fell pregnant, I weighed 9 stone, which is pretty impressive considering I am 5 foot 10. I know I was underweight though. Then I became happy, comfortable and I became lazy, and found it easier when I had worked long days to just order a takeaway. Big mistake. I am now almost double that weight. I only gained half a stone when I was pregnant with O as I was so tired all of the time from terrible Anaemia that I was lucky if I remembered to eat. Since my pregnancy I have put on another half a stone. Must. Diet.

‘Dream holiday with your child(ren)?’
I am more of a ‘stay in England’ kind of gal when it comes to family holidays. My most memorable and favoured holidays are ones where we were all cramped in a caravan.

‘Dream holiday without your child(ren)?’
Australia, New York or Paris. I can’t choose.

‘How has your life changed since having a child(ren)?’
Probably the most corny answer you will ever get, but I realise how important life is now. I understand the meaning of love, and I have never felt so proud of myself. Yeah, I have the biggest bags under my eyes, and I am a walking zombie most days, but it’s all for a reason. I can’t imagine my life without O now.

‘Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when..”‘
He wakes up on a morning and gets excited when he hears our footsteps on the landing. I only know this from when I have carried the baby monitor in his room with me so I can see what he does. His little arms shake and he has the biggest grin on his face, like he can’t contain himself knowing he will see our faces again. It is the best feeling ever

‘Where do you shop for your child(ren)?’
Nutmeg (Morrisons), Tesco, Next, Primark (for vests) and H&M

‘Favorite makeup & skincare products?’
I swear by the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I have been using it for about 4 years in the shade Light Porcelain because I am paler than most ghosts.

‘Huggies or pampers?’
Out of the two I would use Pampers but I love Mamia nappies the most.

‘Have you always wanted children?’

‘Best part about being a mummy?’
Personally, and selfishly, I love it when he will only stop crying if I am cuddling him. It reminds me that he is still my baby regardless of how big he now is. I also love the progression. Whenever he does something new I feel like I must be doing something right, and give myself a well deserved pat on the back.

I was going to tag five people, but everyone I was going to tag has already done it! If you want to do it, just copy and paste and say I sent you, or admit that nobody tagged you because who cares about the rules.

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