8 Months Old

November 24, 2016
My baby is 8 months old. 8 whole months.
I still want it to sink in, because I honestly can’t quite believe it. So many of those people with advice always told me “It will go so fast! Before you know it, they are 18!”. I didn’t appreciate his earlier days enough, and now he is crawling around the floor and trying to eat bits of fluff and has his favourite foods and favourite toys. My baby who used to fall asleep in my arms in five minutes is now the wriggly 8 month old who hates cuddling and just wants to be off doing his own thing. I feel like he already is 18.
I thought I would share a quick little update on him, because I haven’t done one of these yet, and quite frankly, I think they will be brilliant to look back on in a few years when I am feeling nostalgic after a few glasses of wine.
Favourite things to play with: Plastic keys, remotes, food bowls, plastic spoons and plastic balls (the kind you would find in a ball pool).
Favourite food: Cauliflower cheese
Favourite TV program: Lets Get Squiggling
Favourite things to do: Smacking things to hear what noise it makes (quite funny when it is the laminate floor, not funny when it is daddy’s face), screaming/cooing at all different volumes and laughing, bouncing (in the jumperoo/walker/on your knee/everywhere) and banging things together.
Abilities: Commando crawling everywhere, almost sitting up unaided, waves “bye”, can usually repeat “mama” or “dada” if asked enough.
Sleeping pattern:Β Goes to bed around 6pm-7pm and waking up around 5am every morning, thanks to the clocks going back. May possibly sleep till 6 or 7 if he feels like being nice for a night. Doesn’t happen often.
He has finally started to like the bath again now he has a bath chair, and I don’t have to worry anymore about our neighbours thinking we are trying to kill him. See, bath time becomes a bit of a panic-stricken situation when you have a human turning redder by the second, screaming bloody murder and flailing around all over the place… and that was just Anthony.
And that is that. My cute newborn baby is almost a bumbling toddler, and I am not happy one bit.
Must. Have. More. Babies.

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  • Reply Edwin November 25, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Hi Fern, great to see how you post each stage of your little boy's growth. It's amazing to be a parent. I feel that too. Now my two kids are at elementary school stage. Great to know you πŸ™‚

  • Reply Lexis Hope December 3, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    What a little stud! He's so adorable. That's a good thing he likes baths again, I can't imagine having a screaming baby while trying to bathe them! I'm in for it in a few months that's for sure!

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