Favourite Toys at 1 Year Old

July 14, 2017
 You know that cliche you see in films where the mams and dads are walking down a corridor, kicking random crap out of the way and standing on something inevitably musical or highly irritating? That is an actual every day occurrence for us. It is like living in a small, shit version of Toys R Us. There are toys everywhere you bloody turn.
This is my conservatory right now (and it had all been tidied away 5 minutes ago):
Although we have so many, O only plays with the same few over and over. I can almost guarantee if I went to throw the rest out, he would immediately gain interest in them, so I am waiting patiently for Christmas when I can bag and donate all the old ones.
Last month I looked on Bloglovin for toy recommendations for a 16 month old, and I was quite surprised to see that there was almost nothing available. It’s so difficult to pick toys at this stage, because they aren’t interested in the baby things, and the “toddler” things can sometimes be too complicated for them. Obviously, my first thought was to compile a list (because who doesn’t love a list!) of all the things O does love, to maybe help people like me select a few in preparation for Christmas or even an upcoming first birthday.
Disclaimer: It isn’t in any particular order, so if you’re OCD, look away now. 


Orange Tree Toys – Wooden Animal Puzzle Train
He absolutely adores this one, so we purposely leave it in his bedroom to keep him occupied while we get ready on a morning. I’m a big fan of the old fashioned wooden toys and absolutely love this personally… When he does eventually get bored of it I will probably display it in his room somewhere.
All of the blocks are interchangeable to make different animal combinations, and it has a pull along string for the train. Instead of actually putting it back together though, he likes to destroy it as fast as he can so he can play with the train pieces (but, it keeps him occupied and he makes a beeline for it, so win win). I feel like he will like this as he gets older too when he figures out what he is supposed to do with it.


Chad Valley Rocking Caterpillar
I purchased this from Argos last month and I think it was such a bargain as it is always part of the 2 for £15 deal. I think it’s really good for inside and outside, so if you would prefer not to have a huge piece of green plastic stuck in your front room, you could always have a huge piece of plastic in your garden instead… ha! O is super adventurous and never stops, so toys like this are crucial for us to keep him occupied on days when it is miserable outside and we want to just stay at home. He spends the day getting on and off, and again I think he will love it just as much as he grows.
Paw Patrol Rescue Team Activity Ride On
Like above, this is another we rely on quite heavily during lazy days in the house. O absolutely loves this ride on, and he has used it almost every day since his first birthday when it was given to him. It is interactive (it has a beeping horn, and a key button that makes an ignition sound, as well as other little features to play with) and it definitely keeps him occupied, however he just likes to see how far he can push himself on it backwards before he falls off or crashes into a wall. The seat also lifts up for storage, and this is where we tend to shove loose blocks or pieces of other toys that we can’t be bothered to fish out of his toy box.


VTech Feed Me Dino
This one is his favourite of all, and he plays with it multiple times a day. It comes with eight little disks that fit into the dinosaurs mouth, and it tells you what colour or what fruit/vegetable was on the disk that you have inserted. It also teaches counting and plays music. He is so pleased when he gets all the disks in, that he takes them all back out and repeats for about half an hour. Half an hour is enough time to drink a coffee, so again, this is definitely a win. The only downside is that I hunt the house for all eight of them before I can go to sleep so he can play with it the next day. I need my coffee break to survive.
VTech Playtime Bus With Phonics (left) My Pal Scout (right)
These are his least favourites in terms of keeping his interest, but are still used daily. Scout has been with him since he was a few months old and actually taught him how to say “cat”, and O knows all of the words to one of the songs he sings, which is actually really cute. The phonics bus (as well as teaching them the alphabet) has loads of fiddly interactive buttons, which of course is O’s favourite thing about it. He will spend a good 5-10 minutes opening and closing the door, or beeping the horn. I feel like the bus is slightly too advanced for him at the moment, so hopefully he will get his use out of it in the future.

That’s all for today, but I will definitely continue to do these in the future as I feel like they may be beneficial to some, and I know I will enjoy looking back on them in a few years.

Leave a comment and let me know what your son/daughter(s) like to play with the most, or if they have these already!

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