Mental Heath Mondays: New Guest Post Series

July 29, 2017
Following the support for my recent post, I decided to kick off a new guest post series for my blog – Mental Health Mondays.

I want to create a support network in the online community so that we always have somebody to talk to, if we feel we need it, and we can reach out and speak to each other and recognise how common these problems actually are.

From scouring other blogs and realising I was not alone and that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of, I actually went and got help for the problem I was having and now I am actually moving forward, after years of suffering silently.

If this series can help anybody out there do the same, I will feel like my goal is complete.

If you feel like you have a story to tell, and it doesn’t matter what mental illness you have (whether it be PND, anxiety, schizophrenia, acute stress etc) please get in contact with me at and I will send you the details.

You don’t have to be a parent blogger to contribute and you can also post here completely anonymously, if you wish.

You can also contact me via social media here:



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