Money: Memories or Materialism?

July 8, 2017
I am undeniably crap with money. I am completely bought over by consumerism. I fall for packaging and advertisements. I fall for the hype of some item which realistically, is worthless, and every month I end up spending hundreds of pounds on things that I cannot account for. That, and food.
Just to clarify, I am relatively okay at managing money. I have never not paid for anything and I have never been in debt. My bills always come first blah blah. I am talking about the spare money that you have to play with after your outgoings. Yes (sigh), that money.
We were paid the end of May, and the second week of June we were absolutely skint. We had about a tenner left… and what’s even worse, is that I had absolutely no idea what I had spent the money on.

At that point, I noticed how much I was essentially effing up. It was about time really.

I know many people out there, and a lot of you who are reading this post, will be guilty of this too. It is nice to spend a little bit of money on items you enjoy, but when you look at the bigger picture, it doesn’t seem worth it.
We have no savings. We have never been on holiday together, and on top of that we also have very little days out (other than visiting the free local attractions that get worse the more times you go).
When I am 85, I won’t be looking back at my life and thinking about those four picture frames I ‘needed’ in the sale at T.J. Hughes. I won’t miss the ornaments that matched the wallpaper in my living room. I want to enjoy my life with my family so much more.

If your house was burning down, the last thing you’d care about is the stuff in it.

So of course, I took to Bloglovin, and I read many posts about saving money, and I was so sure that this time, I would do it.
That is where this month comes in. The first thing I did was subtract the money I knew I was going to inevitably waste, and I shoved it firmly into my savings account. I keep forgetting it’s even there, because I am so adamant that I am not going to touch it, and although we are only 8 days in, it is still securely in place and I am slowly adding more and more to it each week.
We are planning on cutting down more unnecessary bills, like Netflix and extra TV Channels that we don’t watch, and hopefully next month we will put away even more.
We work minimum wage jobs and we don’t have that much spare per month, so it will take time, but even if you are only putting away £5 a week, it is something that you can use to pay for a spontaneous day at the zoo, or a date night at the cinema, or on a family meal. An amount you wouldn’t think twice about wasting on something you really don’t need.
All it takes is a kick in the right direction and a bit of motivation, and anyone is capable.
We are now hoping to save for a mortgage, or a holiday. Who knows, but what we do know is that it’s there if we need it, and it’s not sat in the cupboard as some expensive possession we will undoubtedly forget we even had.For actual money saving tips, be sure to check out these posts:  


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