Baby Names I Love But Wouldn’t Use

August 31, 2017

This is a slightly different type of post for my blog, but I have been absolutely obsessed with watching these videos on YouTube recently, especially now I am growing my own little bean (have you read my pregnancy announcement post?). However, I am not even remotely confident enough to sit in front of a camera to tell you what mine are, so I thought a blog post may suffice. Here is an ever-growing list of names that I have fallen in love with but just couldn’t bring myself to use. Please don’t take offence if any of your name choices are on this list, it is just personal preference! 



Every time I think of the name Charlie, I think of the cutest little boy with the biggest smile, but with a really naughty side too. I think a naughty name is always a cute name, and we picked our first boys name based on this. However, I wouldn’t use it because my other half hates it, and I can’t say it out loud without thinking of “oooouch charlieeee! oooouch!” or even worse, bloody Charlie and Lola.

Ezra and Lucas

Both names I adore, however… Pretty Little Liars. What more can I say? I feel like everyone and their grandma’s dogs will be called these two names soon, and I already see Ezra’s flooding the parent pages already. Lucas on the other hand just doesn’t feel right. It’s such a lovely name, but I don’t like the shortened version (Luke). I did consider Luca, but it doesn’t go at all with my other half’s surname, so we had to scrap it completely.


I could say a thousand lovely things about this name. It sounds so cute and it’s perfect all throughout life. The only real problem I have with it is that it is way too popular. I know at least 6 people with a baby named Noah, and I know it will be one of those names that will linger for years as it is so lovely. I’m not really one for unique and different names, and I love a good old traditional name, so I will probably never have a child that doesn’t have the same name as someone else… but I definitely would prefer a name that is not ‘in fashion’ so my child can be slightly different at school. Also, I am not religious in the slightest and am not raising my children to be, so wouldn’t want to give off the wrong impression (although as I said, I do know a lot of non-religious people who use this name too – nothing wrong with that!).


I actually don’t know why I wouldn’t use this name. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but, it just doesn’t feel like I will ever have a son named Isaac. Although, again, I am not religious and try to stray away from biblical names.


I absolutely adored this name and we almost used it for O. Like Charlie, I think Max is definitely a naughty boys name, and I can’t help but think of a cute mischievous toddler when I think of it, but… whenever I mentioned to anyone how much I loved this name, they’d automatically say “Oh so and so has a dog called Max!”. It was about then that I realised I also have 3 friends who post regular photos of their dogs named ‘Max’ on Facebook, and I could never think of it the same way again, but I do still love it.


As I said, I am absolutely obsessed with traditional names so William was a huge contender for us. Sadly, this was the name we had decided on if we were having a boy during my first pregnancy, and then when I found out I had miscarried I could no longer use it as it just didn’t feel right.


I have loved this name since I was about 9 years old, when I first discovered Lola-Rose by Jacqueline Wilson. I was adamant I would have a lovely but defiant teen daughter named Lola who would argue with me about anything. Then, of course, I watched far too many episodes of Charlie and Lola. Also, like Max, I find a lot of people name their dogs Lola, and I don’t blame them because it is such a cute name, but I do think it actually is slowly becoming a dog name. I just decided it has far too many negative associations for me, but on the other hand, it will always remind me of my childhood.
There is absolutely nothing that I hate about this name, but we decided to use it for our cat, so I don’t think I could ever use it for any future children without thinking about her. I do wish that I had saved it for a child though.
Ava and Isla
As I said for Noah, I adore both of these names and would have absolutely loved to use them, but they’re rapidly on the rise. Both are in the top 5 names of the country this year already, so I can imagine next year there will be even more. I must admit, I did get my adoration for them a few months ago from seeing them on the ‘most popular names board’ though, which probably doesn’t help.
Poppy is one of my favourite names ever, and I am still not 100% sure that I definitely wouldn’t use it. The only thing I dislike is the shortened version of it, and I would hate to hear people calling my daughter ‘Pop’. I can’t decide whether or not that is a good enough reason not to use it yet, but I also think my other half isn’t fussed on it either, and sadly I have to give him a say. Pft.
I find this name so beautiful and absolutely love hearing children with it, yet, whenever I say it out loud, all I can think of is that film about the girl with the pig nose. I wish they had picked a name I wouldn’t actually like, but because of that I feel like it may lead to people saying things and I would hate for my naming decision to be part of that. It’s silly, but you have to think of these things sometimes when you choose a name, as children can be absolutely awful to each other.
And that is all I can think of, for now. I do have more favourites which I can’t list here, as they are contenders for our new baby. I don’t think we will be finding out the sex of our next baby either so there will be a long wait before those are revealed.
Leave me a comment to let me know if you love any of these names too, or which ones you love but wouldn’t use. 

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  • Reply caitylis October 7, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Some lovely names on this list! I have the exact same opinion on Lucas! I love it! But I don't particularly like the name Luke, and I know it would get shortened to that. I had never considered Luca though… I love it!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  • Reply Gee Gardner October 19, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I love Luna and Lola. My eldest was nearly a Lola! x

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