The Parent & Child Space Debate

November 30, 2017

Do you know how hard it is to try and take a picture in a parent & child car park without looking extremely dodgy? I got the above shot whilst walking in a rather hurried fashion, and I was rather impressed to be honest.

Almost every parent blogger has covered this debate, and they put forward some good arguments too, but I am here to tell you about the knob head we came across last Saturday, and why it really angered me into typing this post.

So picture this: We get to the parent & child car park and there is 1 space left. As we are pulling into the area, some miserable looking cow (spoiler, she is the knob) heading towards us immediately put her indicator on and claimed the space before we had chance. This was fine, she was technically there first… So Anthony gave way, and then she proceeded to pull in right in front of us. ON HER OWN. WITH NO KIDS. 

The absolute cheek of it. I was furious. Not only to claim the only available space in a parent and child area, but to pop on your indicator and steal it from us when we were literally sat watching?! She really wanted to rub it in that she didn’t give any fucks about what the big sign in front of her said. I immediately started waving my arms around and mouthing things at her. I probably looked like one of those weird inflatable things they stick outside of car sales buildings, but she obviously didn’t care. She got out of her car, and rushed in to Tesco on her own, and I judged her every step of the way.

An accurate representation of my face when I noticed she was alone in the car.

Just to add, the lady was around 50 and she was also in a shit car. She had no excuse whatsoever. I know people park there when they don’t want a dent in their door, especially if they’re driving something semi-decent, but I honestly don’t think it would have made a difference. In fact, she’s lucky I didn’t go over there and kick it. Obviously I wouldn’t. Not in front of Oscar anyway.

I don’t usually let it bother me as such. I may occasionally say something loud enough about what a shame it is when you accidentally forget your kids, mainly when we pass other selfish pricks, but I was so angry at this woman I was about to burst. I’m glad she hadn’t lingered because it would have turned in to a full on brawl.

In fact, it was even more annoying that we had been in and out, and she was still parked there. We’d managed to get a toddler out of the car, around the shop and back in the car and she was still hogging the space that she did not need.

Thankfully, Oscar is a lot more mobile so it has become slightly easier to get him out, but at the exact same time this woman stole the space from us, I seen another woman disconnecting a car seat from a chassis, and battling to get it back in her car. This is almost impossible to do in a normal space, and I remember it well.

It’s massively inconvenient and just fucking annoying. If these people didn’t feel so entitled, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Before we had Oscar I didn’t even know parent and child spaces existed, and I certainly wouldn’t have parked there if I did.

Obviously there are exceptions though.

When disabled bays are full, I completely understand why the next option would be to park in parent & child spaces. This wasn’t applicable in this situation though, as there were many disabled spaces available as we walked around the corner. She was just a massive bell end.

I just really don’t understand why they’re there if they aren’t going to be used properly. If anyone can use them, why not just make every space the same?

So where do you stand on this? Do you think it really matters? Do you think there’s a way to rectify this situation or that there should be some form of punishment? Let me know in the comments below.


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