Newborn Nursery Plan

February 11, 2018

One of the most exciting things about finding out you’re pregnant is creating a plan in your mind of exactly how you want the nursery to be.

We moved house just before Oscar was born, so his nursery was never a priority for us. We knew there was almost no point in decorating, and the bedroom we moved him into was a box room with white walls. Instead of painting, we just left it white and decided it would be better to hang bits and pieces up, and let him decide what he wanted when he got older. Then we moved again.

Finally we have settled in a house we absolutely adore, and it seems about the right time to get a nursery to be exactly how we want it for baby two. We are also in the process of decorating Oscar’s room too, but because I know it’s probably the first and last time we will ever get a say on what either of their rooms look like, I have taken great joy in searching every Pinterest board I can find for inspiration.

I’ve considered almost everything I could, from paint colours, furniture, shelving and lighting, all the way down to the possibility of walk in wardrobes with sliding doors. I’m also extremely excited to finally use the DIY pound shop spice rack shelves that Mummy&Liss inspired me to buy and paint almost a year ago.

The Colour Scheme

We decided to go completely out of our comfort zone (which is usually light, neutral colours) and have opted for grey teal and mustard, with hints of navy and white. I feel like teal is such a gorgeous colour for a baby boy room, and slightly different to the traditional blue. The room he will be having is on the petite side, so I figured bright colours will make the space look so much more homely as opposed to just small and boring.

I’ve also been into the navy and mustard statement pieces for so long and have wanted to put mustard accessories everywhere, but with having a biscuit/coffee living room (or boring brown, to put it bluntly), I could never find a place where it would look appropriate. I am so excited to finally be able to buy all of the things I actually love.

Statement Pieces

There’s absolutely no way I will be able to include all of these things without it looking too much, although I would love to. I am currently battling between what I think would look the best, and what is the most practical/baby friendly.

    • Canopy – This I would love but is one of the things I am iffy on. Part of me worries about it being above the cot, but maybe in the corner of the room? I have seen quite a few people do that and it looks gorgeous. I’d be very tempted to make my own, as I wouldn’t be half as bothered taking it down after a few months if I knew I hadn’t spent a lot of money on it. They are so beautiful though, and it would definitely bring the room together.
    • Teepee 
    • Floating shelves/Bold Frames with basic prints – Again, a big win for nurseries. I love how they look and what you can display when they’re new, and how you can turn them into book shelves when they get older. I’ve been looking at free printables on Pinterest and there are some gorgeous things for nurseries. I would definitely recommend looking if you’re stuck, or don’t want to pay a fortune.
    • Bunting/Cot Mobile/Dream Catcher – I couldn’t decide between which would look the best, so thought i’d probably just opt for all three. Hanna makes the most beautiful dream catchers and I can’t wait to order one when the room is finished.
    • Rug

Fingers crossed, I will be able to show you the finished look very soon. I’m so excited to get started!

For now, I shall leave you with my Pinterest board which I am always adding to:

This is a collaborative post.

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