Mia Tui – Jennie Travel Changing Bag Review 2018

March 22, 2018

After I gave birth to Oscar, I realised pretty quickly how important a good quality changing bag is… especially when it comes to making your day run as smoothly as possible. Organisation is key when you’re a parent, and one of the most essential things to do is to make sure you have everything you need ready in your bag when you leave the house, so you aren’t going to be stuck somewhere in a panic.

With Oscar, we ended up relying heavily on the bag that came with his pram. To be honest, it was small, it lacked the helpful compartments that are a necessity with small children, and everything would just get lost at the bottom, which made even regular day to day outings a nightmare. Can you imagine rummaging desperately through your bag when you have a screaming baby in a busy shopping centre, with everyone staring wondering what on earth you are doing? Most of the time I ended up pulling everything out because it was the easiest option.

When I found out I was expecting another baby, one of the main things on my list was a brand new bag. I promised myself that I would not struggle like I did last time, especially now I have two small children to pack for.

Mia Tui - Jennie Travel Changing Bag Review

Jennie Travel Changing Bag

Whilst looking online, I realised I was wanting something spacious, that didn’t scream “changing bag” or “mumsy“, with a normal design and plenty of pockets for organisation. You’d probably think I was asking too much, and I convinced myself I was, until I discovered the Jennie Travel bag from Mia Tui.

This is a fantastic option if you are similar to me and you love to have a place for everything/to know exactly where everything is without having something over complicated and a bit ‘too much’ on the design front. I love the simplicity of this bag, with it’s plain exterior and it’s surprisingly quirky turquoise interior.

When I received this bag, I was shocked to see how large/deep it actually is on the inside. I have been using this for a few weeks now, and there is always 2/3rds of the bag still available when I have everything I need inside.

Something else I required was a bag that could be attached to a pushchair or pram easily. I was delighted to see that the Jennie Travel bag comes with a shoulder strap, as well as clips for the buggy, so I can switch between the two whilst out and about.

It is also worth noting that there is a back pocket on the outside of the bag that can be slipped over a suitcase handle, which would obviously be extremely handy if you were taking it away on holiday with you.

What’s included?

Included inside are three smaller bags within the main bag. One with a polka dot design containing a travel changing mat, one clear bag (again, which I think would be brilliant for use at an airport), and one matching clutch bag that also has its own strap for convenience. The changing mat has pockets for creams, wipes and any other essentials you may carry around with you for your baby. I will probably use this most when trying to change our tiny baby on those cold plastic tables that seem to be inside of every public mother and baby changing room.

Another amazingly helpful feature of this changing bag are the two insulated water bottle holders inside; perfect for keeping bottles of milk and food warm in the earlier days and for keeping drinks cooler as they grow. I was a big fan of the insulated bottle bags during the first few months last time, and I am very pleased that I will not have to repurchase them or have them take up extra space inside of my bag when travelling.

Lastly, the changing bag also includes a pen holder, phone pocket and an elasticated key clip so that everything is safe within a dedicated space.

I was not surprised at all to learn that this gorgeous changing bag has won the Mother & Baby BEST Changing Bag award for 2018. 

This particular bag does come in a range of colours, however I did opt for black as I believed this would be the one that looked the best with my pram, and one I could use to double up as a regular handbag when making quick trips in and out of supermarkets and elsewhere.

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely. Since using it I have received many compliments from family and friends who think the changing bag is just as beautiful as I do. As well as it’s stunning design, I am fully confident that this will be perfect for long term use with two children and I am excited to see exactly how much easier it makes my life when my second baby is born.

Click here to watch a YouTube demonstration video of the Jennie Changing Bag.

Mia Tui have kindly provided a 15% off code for anyone interested in purchasing one of these stunning changing bags. Make sure you enter mumcon15  at the checkout in order to receive your discount. (The discount code provided is not an affiliate code, and I will not make any money if you decide to purchase a bag for yourself).

This changing bag was sent to me by Mia Tui for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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