6 Child-friendly Home Improvement Ideas

May 2, 2018

We’ve all heard of ‘child-proofing’ homes to ensure the safety of our children. If you’re looking to renovate or redecorate when you’ve got children, you need to consider how appropriate the changes will be for your little ones. You might actually be making house improvements specifically for your children. Here’s six ideas for you to try in your home.

Bathroom Essentials

Safety in the bathroom is imperative, especially when your children are young and can’t be left unattended. If you’re looking into making it a safe place, one of the first things that comes in handy is a non-slip bath mat. This prevents any accidents occurring, whether bath time is an easy or difficult feat for you and your children. You should also find a child-friendly shower curtain, which offers enough privacy for them, whilst still allowing you to be close and ensure their safety.

Low-level Coat Hooks

Whilst you might be in the habit of hanging up your coat when you get in the house, children need to be taught what to do with their unwanted pieces of clothing. Try installing a couple of hooks that are at their height for them to use. If you’re worried about them growing out of them, you can always use stick-on hooks that can be moved up when needed.

Children’s Kitchen Counters

If your little one loves to help you in the kitchen, it can be difficult to have them fully involved. If you’re working on a high worktop, they might struggle to see and want lifting up, or stand on something they’re likely to fall off of. To prevent this risk, you can make them their own little kitchen counter to use. Perfect for letting them doing their own thing! They’ll also feel very grown up – just make sure it’s made from something durable, as it’s likely to see a lot of use.

Ramp up Your Storage

It’s very true that you can never have enough storage; and this is especially true when you have children. The sheer volume of gadgets and toys can be overwhelming, so making sure you have ample storage is important. You can’t go wrong with traditional storage such as toy chests and drawers. Make sure they close, so it looks neat and tidy when everything has been cleared away and put back in its place.

Air Quality Testers

Whilst you and your partner might have managed okay so far, young children are much more susceptible to allergies and germs. Poor-quality air can also lead to problems in later life such as asthma, so testing your air quality should definitely be on your checklist. If it’s found to be poor, you can invest in air purifiers which will help to improve it. Plants around the home will also help to circulate more clean air and improve the oxygen levels.

Garden Lighting

Keeping your garden in some kind of light is always going to be a good safety addition. When it’s the winter time and it gets dark quickly, your children may still want to play outside. If it peels them away from the television, then it can’t be bad! Some lighting will make sure you can keep an eye on them, plus it can help to make your garden look pretty. However you do need to be mindful of neighbours – anything too bright might disturb them.

Change Your Flooring

Let’s be honest, those cream carpets aren’t going to last long with children running around. Amongst the spills and drops that can easily stain light-coloured carpets, comes a lot of stress. Changing to wooden or laminate flooring gives you added durability, and they’re much easier to clean.

These are some initial ideas for keeping children both safe and entertained at home, but there’s always ideas you find that work best for you. Each child has their own personality, so they might prefer one thing to another. You could always ask them what they’d prefer! Who knows, they might even throw out their own ideas that you hadn’t thought of.

What child-friendly home improvements have you made?

This is a collaborative guest post.

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