MyHummy Ash – White Noise Toy / Sleep Aid Review

June 3, 2018

If you had told me a month before George was born that my saviour would have been a little grey teddy bear wearing a neckerchief, I would have laughed so hard (and probably wet myself a little bit)… but it is so true. Meet Ash, the beautiful MyHummy bear.

I am going to be honest, I was never a believer of white noise toys. We never tried or needed one with Oscar, and I didn’t believe they would work. After 2 weeks of no sleep with George, I would have tried anything to close my eyes for longer than 30 minutes. Thankfully, the amazing team at MyHummy seen my 2am tweets of desperation and came to my rescue by sending me a lovely package including Ash, a gorgeous velvet bib for George, a canvas bag and the heart that you insert inside of the MyHummy Bear.

MyHummy Ash

I have had Ash for a month now, and I can honestly say it has been one of my favourite baby products to date. It was extremely simple to set up (the beating heart does require 3xAAA batteries), to turn on and to start using. I was very lucky to be sent the new bluetooth version which meant I could control the device completely from my phone – adjusting the sound, volume and duration of the white noise from all areas of the house.

There are five different sounds to play – a heartbeat, hairdryer, rain, sea waves and a hoover. The heart is also removable which allows for the bear to be washed. This is extremely useful for any baby/toddler product, in my opinion – especially as we know how filthy those little hands can get.

However, my favourite feature has to be the sleep sensor. Whenever George stirs through the night, like magic, the bear comes to life and gradually starts to fade into the white noise until it reaches the volume you have selected. After it has played for the length of time you set, it also fades out gradually in order to reduce the chances of baby waking up suddenly.

The App – (Bluetooth Version Only)

The MyHummy bear also comes with its very own app which is where you can control everything that plays, and for how long. When you set up the bear and connect it via bluetooth, you will be greeted with a screen that looks a bit like this:

You can set it to play anywhere between 20 minutes to 12 hours and it doesn’t fade out unless instructed. This immediately sets the MyHummy bear apart from its competitors, as the sound duration never tends to last longer than 30 minutes with the others. Other white noise toys I have seen also need to be manually turned on, however I know that I am able to activate the MyHummy bear from other areas of the house using the app. This will be extremely handy during nap times and when George is moved into his own room at 6 months old.

When I first received Ash, I wasn’t sure how to get the settings I had selected on the app to transfer to the bear. I realised that as long as you connect over and actually turn the bear on or off/turn the volume up and down using the app, it registers the new settings you have picked. To activate the sleep sensor you also have to to ensure that the pillow in the centre of the screen is glowing white every time you change your settings, as I have found that it sometimes turns itself off when you are adjusting things.

Instant Sleep Improvement

Now I am not going to say that this will work miracles and your baby will suddenly sleep 12 hours a night, however I will say that it truly helps us get more sleep, every single night. We have used ours since George was a month old, so I am not quite sure if it would work as well on an older child who isn’t used to it, however, MyHummy do recommend them for children aged between 0-3 years.

The bears are all beautifully designed and fantastic quality too. The only downside is that they are quite pricey in comparison to other white noise toys on the market. Given the differences though, I do understand why. At the moment, they range from £39.99 to £79.99 depending on what teddy you choose, and whether you would like the Bluetooth version or not. It is worth noting that all of the bears do the same thing (you can only use the app with the bluetooth versions though), so you are ultimately paying extra for the design and size of the bear.

In my opinion, no matter which you choose, they are worth every penny.

I have completely incorporated Ash into George’s routine now and I turn it on during the night feeds so George knows it’s sleep time. If he doesn’t fall asleep with his bottle, the beating heart noise usually has him fast asleep in under 5 minutes. This is obviously brilliant during the night feeds because I can put him back in his basket awake and don’t have to worry about him being unsettled. Funnily enough, it also helps me to get a better sleep too.

All babies will respond to white noise differently, but our experience has been extremely positive and I can’t imagine having to go a night without it now.

This product was gifted to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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