Toddler Space Themed Bedroom Transformation (On A Budget!)

June 23, 2018

Thanks to Christmas, we had accumulated all kinds of toys that Oscar wasn’t interested in. It had only been two months when we had to start buying birthday presents, and we didn’t exactly want to contribute to that pile ourselves. On the run up to his birthday, we kept asking ourselves… what do you get a child that already has everything? That’s why, for his second birthday, we decided to deck out his room with one of his favourite themes in mind – space.

Now I don’t usually consider myself much of a bargain hunter, but I did become obsessed with this project. I had already drawn myself up a blueprint of exactly what I wanted it to be like, so it just became a mission to find all of the bits. Thankfully, I managed and I was so happy with the result. Keep on reading to find out how we did it…

Paint vs. Wallpaper?

I searched everywhere for a wallpaper that I thought would be suitable, but I found that all space themed papers were so dark. I wanted the overall look to be quite bright with dark sections infused, and because we already had a dark rug and dark curtains, I didn’t want to go overboard on the navy.

We opted for moody blue paint from Wilko’s which turned out to be a gorgeous powder blue colour. Having used Wilko’s paint for other areas of the house, we knew the finish would be really professional looking.

We did this large wall and one adjacent smaller wall, and we only needed one tin. It only took two coats, and covered the magnolia really well.

We painted the other two walls with a large tub of brilliant white from Wilkos, so the room stayed as bright as it could when paired with all of the dark accessories.

To finish off the blue walls, we opted for stickers. I found these star stickers on Amazon and ordered them in both silver and white. We did intend to use one packet, but we ended up using both. They seemed tiny when we first got them out of the packet, but I was so happy with the way they turned out. It took about an hour sticking them on the wall, and I am sure it will take way longer to get them off. However, if Oscar pulls them off, at least they will be really easy to replace. I would hate having to replace a full wall of paper if he ripped a bit off, which would be absolutely inevitable.


All of the accessories came from Amazon, Ebay, Aldi, The Range, The Poundshop and B&M. A lot of the things I picked up may not be available anymore, but may give you ideas of where to look.

From Amazon, we managed to find a set of three matching space canvas’ and his curtains. The quality of the curtains was amazing, considering the price. They were actually the most expensive thing we bought too, at just £20. When I ordered them, I didn’t realise that the stars on the curtains were silver, but I was actually happy with this as they matched the stickers we had put on the walls brilliantly.

We then picked up the curtain pole and lamp shade from Wilko’s. I realised at this point I had started up some kind of theme with navy/midnight blue, so tried my hardest to find a rug that would match. After searching the internet, I stumbled across this rug that seemed too good to be true. I actually ordered it from Tesco Direct but it isn’t available there anymore. I was really worried about it, but just went for it and ordered it anyway. It was only £15, and I knew I would be able to return it to Tesco if it was really that bad.

When it arrived the next day, I was gobsmacked. Yes, it is really thin and not the best quality, but I would have expected to pay at least double for what I got. Three months later, it still looks just as good, so it was definitely worth it.

I managed to pick the light box and cloud light up from the poundshop, and I was kindly gifted the gorgeous constellation print from my friend Gee at tulipandmoss. The star projector is from Amazon, and the blue star was given to me as a gift when Oscar was born. It is so nice to have something sentimental up there.
The only thing I felt was missing was bedding. Although I scrimped when it came to things like the rug and curtains, I really wanted to find a great quality bedding for him that matched his room and ensured a good nights sleep. I have just discovered duvet sets, particularly planet bedding from Yorkshire, and I am so excited to order it to finish everything off. I truly believe a good quality duvet cover is fundamental when it comes to completing “the look”.

For more decor and accessory ideas for your child’s room, check out this article on Imaginative Design: Themed Kids Bedrooms.

Finishing Touches

It took a month to gather everything, and a whole day to put together… but finally, here is the completed look:

I was so unbelivably happy with the result. Overall, I spent under £100 completely transforming the room and bringing it all together.

I love the idea that something like this will last a few years, and when he eventually wants something new it’ll just take a lick of paint and a change of accessories.

When Oscar finally got to see it, he was over the moon. For the first time, he was quite happy to sit in his room and play by himself. It felt much better than just gifting him another toy that he would lose interest in within a matter of seconds, and he still loves it now. It was definitely worth every budgeted penny!

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  • Reply Gee Gardner July 2, 2018 at 9:32 am

    I love what you’ve done in here! The painting I did looks so nice with all of the other spacey bits!

  • Reply SaltEmupSisters July 3, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    This is adorable! I love the space rug

  • Reply Rebecca Fisher July 3, 2018 at 9:16 pm

    That rug is amazing!

  • Reply Emily / Babies and Beauty July 4, 2018 at 10:38 am

    This is ADORABLE!!! I love it, we’ve used wilko paint before and it’s so good!

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