Baby Bjorn – Bouncer Bliss Review

July 29, 2018

If I told you that there is a bouncer out there that folds completely flat, looks beautiful in your home and is perfectly designed for a newborn baby AND a two year old, you wouldn’t believe me… right? Except there is – the Bouncer Bliss from Baby Bjorn.

We have been testing this out for around a month now, and we absolutely love it.

George is a stereotypical velcro-baby and he would love nothing more than being strapped to us all day long. I’m not sure if it’s the super soft cotton fabric that does it, or the more upright position, but George really enjoys sitting in this bouncer. More often than not, he falls asleep in it too. It is amazing knowing you can rely on something like this to allow you some freedom, especially when you realise they can use it until they’re two!

It’s also nice to kiss goodbye to garish colours. The Bouncer Bliss comes in a beautiful array of soft to dark shades to make it as contemporary as they come. You can even buy cover seats separately if you’re undecided between two – let’s face it, you probably will be as they’re stunning. I love the look of this bouncer in my living room and never feel the need to hide it out of the way when guests come, like I have with other products.

I chose the black one as I thought it would be better when it came to stains – especially having a reflux baby.Β  Regardless of this, the cover unhooks from the frame and you can put it on a 40 degree wash anyway. I get the feeling we will be doing that A LOT.

Storing it away is simple too, as it folds completely flat.

I have never owned any baby product that can do this yet so I was overjoyed when I read that this was a feature. It actually slots perfectly between my pram and the basket underneath, so I can take it with me anywhere I go. It would even be perfect in a car with a small boot space, if you wished to travel with it.

The bouncer does not require batteries either, and works purely on the natural motion of the baby. George isn’t really aware of the whole “bouncing” thing yet (we usually do it for him) but even the slightest movement he makes usually sets it away. According to the Baby Bjorn website, the natural rocking also helps the baby to develop their balance and motor skills.

When researching this product, I also found out that it is suitable for babies who are developing a flat head. George always sleeps in the same position, so he is definitely developing a slight delve on the right hand side. The fabric moulds nicely around the babies skull so you don’t have to worry about it causing any difference. I am hoping by using this, as opposed to the other bouncer we have, it will actually help improve the issue. I’ll keep you posted.

Other information worth noting:

Three positions are available for the baby to sit in, and it is very easy to switch between them. Make sure you remove your baby from the seat first though, as you wouldn’t want it to drop flat while they are in it!Β Your baby can be more upright while you feed them, or while they play, and they can be leaned right back when they are ready for a nap.

As I said above, we chose the cotton version but you can also purchase this in a mesh fabric too, which is equally as lovely. I would definitely recommend having a look at the range on their website. The cotton bouncer is 100% cotton, and completely free of harsh chemicals that may damage your babies skin. If you think your baby would need more stimulation whilst sitting in this seat, you can also purchase a toy bar from Baby Bjorn that just clips to the front. We don’t have one of these but I am definitely going to purchase one in future for when George starts to show an interest in toys.

The last thing worth noting is that the bouncer isn’t fastened using generic clips, as most children’s products are. Instead, there are lovely button type fastenings that slip through holes to keep your baby securely in place. There are also a couple of holes so that you can adjust the bouncer to the size of your baby. This makes me feel much better as I know Oscar, my toddler, can’t work out how to undo them, no matter how much he tries.


When I first agreed to review this product, I was rather sceptical. I wasn’t sure why anyone would spend money on a bouncer that didn’t vibrate or bounce… However, now I have tried it I definitely do think it is worth the money.Β It is so much more convenient in terms of storage and travel than a typical bouncer. It looks and feels beautiful, and it lasts so much longer. Paying for the usage time alone makes it worth it, because there aren’t many other products out there that last from newborn to 2 years.

If you can afford to purchase the toy bar with the bouncer, I would definitely recommend getting them as a pair. You can still clip your own toys to the sides regardless, so it isn’t the end of the world if you can’t afford both.

I can safely say I would definitely recommend this bouncer, and I am so grateful to Baby Bjorn for sending it to me.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

This bouncer was gifted to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.Β 

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