Weight Loss Diary – Week 1 – I Lost How Much?!

July 21, 2018

So week one of my weight loss journey is over, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose anywhere near as much as I did.

Just a quick disclaimer before we get into it. There were quite a few contributing factors to my huge loss, in my opinion, and I would rather be honest too. When I got weighed and it flashed up 16 stone, I was on my period and feeling so bloated. I know I will have been holding more water weight, so that will have definitely contributed. I wanted to count that weight though, because that was the day I started my diet, and it was also the most I have ever weighed in my life. This was my motivating factor, so of course I wanted to note that as my starting weight.

On top of this, I have also been drinking a lot more water (I essentially live on diet fizzy drinks so am trying to take in way more water instead), and we also didn’t eat anything ‘bad’ all week. I can only assume my body went into some form of shock, because our diet beforehand was so horrific. If I hadn’t lost any weight with such a lifestyle change I would have been asking questions.

With that being said, lets get into it…

What I have been eating

I have been heavily following the Slimming World plan – again not ‘officially’ but I know the plan like the back of my hand and have good support via Facebook groups to identify syns and the likes.

We have been stocking up on as much veg, fruit and salad as we possibly could with every meal to make them as speedy as possible. I have also switched most of our meat products to Quorn. I would love to go full vegetarian but with two people in the house eating meat, soon to be 3, I just think it would be far too expensive to cater to both lifestyles. I have found a huge difference in expenses since healthy eating too, and I think it’s disgusting how much more expensive basic healthy items are. Especially if you compare grapes (£1.99 at the least) to something like 20 frozen chicken nuggets (£1).

I have been trying to be as creative as possible when it comes to our dinner. Anthony gets bored of plain salads easily and I hate eating tasteless veg again and again. Instead, I have been trying to come up with a new meal every single day, and so far, we have enjoyed them all.

Here’s a few from this week:

slimming world burgers

Iceland’s official Slimming World burgers with onion, a tiny amount of cheese and a side salad sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and a dash of chilli + garlic salt.

slimming world chilli

Quorn chilli con carne with long grain white rice.

overnight oats

Overnight oats made with a strawberry fat free muller yoghurt.


To motivate myself, I also created a weight loss Instagram that I am posting on daily. I didn’t want to spam people who didn’t care on my normal account, and so far it has helped me so much.  I didn’t realise how many people I know who are also documenting their weight loss progress, and I think it is so nice to have people to do it with. It’s also a handy tool to find new recipes and food inspiration too.


Also this week, I made Anthony pull our dusty exercise bike out of the loft, and I actually cycled 10km which almost killed me. We have also been trying to walk as much as possible too throughout the week. My aim is to burn off around 800-900 calories per day, which will ultimately burn off half of what I am eating. Fingers crossed by sticking to it I will actually lose weight more successfully than I would just restricting my intake.

My Stats This Week

So the bit you’ve probably been waiting/scrolling for… my loss this week was 9lbs! 

I know that is completely crazy, mostly water weight and I will not expect that loss again ever again, but it really pushed me to carry on going.  If this is the first post you have seen, it’s worth noting that I am 5 ft 10 too.

  • Starting Weight: 16 stone
  • Current Weight: 15 stone 5lbs.
  • Goal Weight: 11 stone

I am hoping that next week I will be under the 15 stone mark, but I am really not expecting a large loss again. I will be happy with 2-3lbs. I’ll be back next week with hopefully more progress.

Please let me know if you’d like me to put up posts with slimming world friendly meal ideas/recipes/inspiration. If not, you will be able to find most of them on my new Instagram profile.

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