Summer Reminiscing with TimeSpring

August 13, 2018
summertime memories

I read the other day that you only have 18 summers with your children. Realistically it’s probably more like 15, before they are ditching you to go out with their friends and you aren’t “cool” anymore.

When I think about it too much, I feel a lump forming in my throat and it makes me so sad. I have already had 3 with Oscar, and barely anything to remember them by, bar a few photographs. I promised myself I would write more down, document everything and keep track, but it’s difficult and time consuming to write a blog post every time something happens, especially as a parent of two.

It’s also extremely difficult to remember the little things, especially when you’re in the midst of newborn fog. I can’t always recall moments unless I am looking through my old photographs and it terrifies me that I may forget even more. I’ve always tried to take photographs of them every day, because I love to see them change. I kept up with the milestone cards for Oscar and now I am doing the exact same thing for George. One thing I have never done, though, is document notes and thoughts… until now.

Let me introduce you to TimeSpring:

TimeSpring is a beautiful & extremely personal app designed to send memories and messages to your loved ones in the click of a few buttons. You add who you want to your wheel, and then you can send them photos or messages which they can read if they also download the TimeSpring app.

The reason I love it so much is because you can make accounts for your children too and I haven’t really seen anything of this nature before. Once they’re old enough to read it, you can allow them access to their account and they can receive all of the messages you have written to them over the years.

The messages are time released, which means I can send them notes to receive at any point of their life. Definite P.S. I love you vibes. I have already sent a few messages to Anthony to receive in future.

Please tell me that isn’t the cutest thing ever, especially for us soppy parents.

Since discovering it, I have made the most of saving memories these past few months using the app, noting down everything I would love them to see in the future.

TimeSpring Messages

I’ve sent messages for them both to receive on their 18th birthdays. I have written down milestones, funny things Oscar has said, messages to both of them (as you can send to multiple people at once!) and so much more. My app is bursting with love and I adore going back and reading them myself, just to see how I was feeling at different times.

Another positive of TimeSpring is that it does not run out of space, so you could send messages every day if you really wanted to.

For those of us who are sentimental and keep everything down to the used pregnancy test, I really appreciate having something so simple and easily accessible. It takes a few seconds to type up a paragraph that you can cherish forever.

Not only that, I don’t really have anything from my childhood and it makes me sad that nobody really did that for me. All that exists are a few photographs and the odd drawing, but that is it. I would hate for them to feel the way I did when I grew up and didn’t have much to look back on. 

I will forever appreciate the simple moments, like Oscar discovering the rock at the beach in Scarborough and grinning from ear to ear, or finding this leaf on the floor and holding it the whole way round the park because he loved it so much.

We may only have 18 summers, but we will make the most of them and we will remember every second.

and I will always remember the innocence of my beautiful toddler, all thanks to TimeSpring.

TimeSpring Website | Apple Store App | Android Store App

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.


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