How To Plan The Perfect Suprise Party For A Loved One

September 20, 2018

Is the birthday of someone special coming up? Racking your brains for a way to celebrate the occasion and show them that you truly care? Then we might just have the perfect solution! Organising a surprise party will warm your loved one’s heart as it gives you the opportunity to invite all of their family and friends and decorate the room with all of their favourite things. Just imagine the look of joy on your loved one’s face as the lights are switched on and they are greeted with exclamations from their nearest and dearest, all gathered to celebrate their special day!

We’re here to give you some tips on how to plan a surprise party that will be a real hit with all of your guests, and most importantly, with the birthday boy/girl.

Planning the date

First of all, its important to make sure that your loved one can make the party! Try and find out subtly what date they will be available so you can plan the party around their schedule without them knowing. Plan the party either a few weeks before or a few weeks after their actual birthday for ultra-inconspicuousness and to ensure that they will not suspect a thing!

Booking the venue

Depending on the number of guests you are planning to invite, you might need to consider booking a venue that’s different to your house. Indeed, this will also add to the surprise-aspect of your party, as you could pretend you were taking your loved one for a meal or a drink. There are many venues you could consider for a party, but you must take into account the venue’s capacity. For example, if you were organising a party in County Durham, you might consider choosing one of the function rooms in Chester-le-Street Cricket Club, located on the town’s Ropery Lane, as these functions rooms provide for a capacity numbering dozens.


Decide whether you want to have a themed party or not. If you do decide to have a theme, think about your loved one’s likes and dislikes. If they like musicals, you could have a themed party where all of the guests have to dress up as characters from the musicals, or if they are into James Bond, you could hold a casino night.


Once you have organised the date, venue and theme, its time to invite some guests! Consider the theme when you are designing the invitations and make sure you mention the date, time, location and the fact that it’s a surprise party, so must be kept top secret!


Source decorations and props that fit with your theme and that are bound to get your party popping! Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to decorate your venue and try to get a team of people together who can help you.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember that it’s the thought that counts! Whether everything runs smoothly, or doesn’t go quite to plan, you have put lots of time and effort into this party and your loved one will appreciate the sentiment! Ensure that you make the most of the party and take the time out to enjoy it.

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