Top Things All Mothers Secretly Want

September 22, 2018

It’s often described as the hardest job in the world. And no matter how joyful becoming a mother can look from the outside – and what we see portrayed on the Instagram feeds we follow and the baby product commercials aimed at us – there are lot of distinctly unglamourous, downright difficult and unphotogenic moments involved in the journey of parenting.  

The world peddles a lot of misconceptions, misinformation and blatant untruths about the reality of motherhood, and this leaves a lot of women feeling as if they just don’t measure up. In truth, there are a lot of small struggles and challenges along the way that it would benefit womankind to be more honest about. There is a whole host of things that mothers want which are an open secret, and here are just a few of the most common…

Fashionable Clothes For Maternity and Nursing

Personal style is something you develop over the years, and it can take a lot of experimentation before you find your style groove. Once you do, you have a language that allows you self-expression and communicates to the world who you are. But the moment that little blue line appears on a pregnancy test, you may find yourself facing a fresh challenge when it comes to style. Most maternity wear seems to fall into the category of either hopelessly frumpy or hideously expensive and you may find yourself struggling if you aspire to wear much outside of chintzy floral tent frocks or plain striped tops for nursing. As for maternity bras? A sea of very unsexy beige or grey elastic. Finding a handful of stylish brands that can rise to the challenge like is half the battle. Once you do hunt them down, stock up on some key pieces and use accessories to style up for different occasions.

The Chance To Pursue A Hobby

Me time tends to be a vanishingly rare commodity once you have kids, and as much as the world might be hell bent on telling us it’s unnatural not to want to spend every waking minute with our offspring, most mamas wish for the chance to be able to devote a little time to their personal interests and the things that engaged their brains and made their hearts sing before little people came along – or even just the chance to drink a hot cup of coffee once in a while! It’s perfectly okay to use the help of family, friends or a partner to make space for an hour or so a week of me time – and whether you use that to develop your writing skills, catch up on your favourite Netflix series or just marinate in the bath with a luxury face mask, that’s perfectly okay.

The Ability To Have A Career Without Judgement

Work is a financial necessity for most, but it’s also something you may need to do for your own mental health. And it’s perfectly okay to want to pursue a career. It doesn’t  make you a bad mother to enjoy your working life, or to use childcare while you’re at work. Many studies show that it’s the quality of time spent with our children, and not the quantity, that determines how happy a childhood they have. So stop beating yourself up about wanting or needing to work, pursue ways to find a work-life balance, and whether you’re in the office or playing at the park with your children, be present in that moment only. Reject the ‘mum guilt’ and embrace being a female role model showing your children the meaning and the reward of hard work.

This is a collaborative post. 

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