For Children Under 5 – Christmas Gift Guide 2018

November 10, 2018

Children are notoriously hard to buy for. Everything always seems to be too old or too young for them. It’s even harder when they’re not your kids. 

This year, when I was on the look out for ideas for my own two, I decided to put this gift guide together as I found it near enough impossible to find anything I liked the look of. I’ve included both conventional and unconventional gifts for kids, to give you a whole array of ideas and inspiration for other items that you may not have necessarily thought of. There’s a bit of everything, from personalised gifts, robotic pets, wooden toys and more.

Mostly everything on this list is suitable for younger children under the age of 5:

Where Next, Teddy? – Chapterful

This beautifully illustrated book from Chapterful can be fully personalised. You can change the features to make the character look like your child, have their name the whole way through, and you can also include a personalised message right at the beginning. The best part is that Chapterful are big on inclusivity, which means there are different skin colour options, the option to select your child with glasses, and even the option for a wheelchair. I love that no child can be left out when it comes to designing this book, and I definitely think it would make the perfect gift for all children.


Crocodile Number Puzzle – BigJigs Toys

I love buying my kids educational toys as gifts, and especially when they look so fun. Aged 2+, this crocodile puzzle has big wooden pieces which make it easier for the child to hold, and also helps them to brush up on their number and motor skills all in one. Behind each individual puzzle piece is a number of dots to match, and this encourages counting and problem solving too. What more could you want from a single puzzle? Wooden toys are beautiful and I know this will be a big hit in our house!


100 Piece Fun Bricks – John Adams

For the child who loves to be creative. These bricks are a fantastic gift to encourage imaginative play, and provide endless hours of fun. With 100 pieces, there is enough to build whatever their little minds can think of, and more. The bricks are so easy to fit together, are made of beautiful bright colours, and the large pieces mean they are safe for children under the age of 3. Like above, they’re also educational in that they help to improve hand-eye coordination, which is always a positive. I’m sure any toddler would be overjoyed to be given these under the tree!


Lego Duplo – Jurassic World Gentle Giant Dinosaur Zoo

Lego is a firm favourite for all ages, and for my dinosaur loving son I knew I had to pick this up for him. I love that they do chunkier pieces for younger children and with so many interchangeable pieces and sets, there’s so much to do with it all. I picked this set up from Argos in the 2 for £30 deal and I will definitely be getting him some more to go with it before the big day comes around.


Robo Alive Crawling Spider

The Robo Alive spider would make a wonderful unconventional present for those toddlers and children who are animal obsessed. Unlike me, my son is in awe whenever he sees a spider, so I knew I had to get this for him. They move like the real thing and are battery operated, which I will admit, I would much prefer over an actual spider in the house. Robo Alive also do lizards, dinosaurs, snakes, and even a robotic aquarium! I actually picked mine up in B&M for £4.99.


Fisher Price Chatter Telephone

An absolute classic that every child needs at some point! I remember getting and playing with an older version of this telephone when I was a toddler. When I was looking for a link, I actually found a version of it from the 60’s – admittedly, it looks a lot more terrifying than this new version does though. This wonderful Fisher Price telephone encourages speaking and the use of hand-eye co-ordination with it’s turning dial. It also makes a little bell noise and can be pulled along on a little string. This would be a brilliant gift for a babies first Christmas.


To help them sleep:


MyHummy Bear

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for a while, you’ll know I am absolutely obsessed with our MyHummy bear, so I couldn’t allow a Children’s Gift Guide to go by without including one. My version of the teddy bear above (Ash), is no longer available, however they have just released some gorgeous new bears to replace the old family. My friends Gee and Caitylis have written reviews of the new bears if you’re thinking of buying one. A MyHummy would be an amazing gift for a pregnant friend, or for  your friends who have young children. They’ll thank you for it, I promise.


Lumie – BedBug

Finally, the Lumie Bed Bug is also an amazing gift idea for your children or your friends children. It uses low blue-light in order to ensure a peaceful nights sleep and provides a calm environment for a child to sleep in. The Bed Bug retails for £59.95, which I think is an amazing price for a good nights sleep.


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