A Little Bit of Driving Luxury

December 5, 2018

Got a little extra cash to splash and looking to upgrade your car? Lucky you! You might not be quite sure where you’re heading to buy your new vehicle just yet or exactly what you’re looking for.

We take a look for you at some of the best features on the market and what’s driving consumers’ passions in the motoring industry.

With so much choice out there what are some of the luxury features that might tip the deal for you when it comes to choosing your next, best model?

Steering Wheel Warmer

Because having cold hands while you’re driving just isn’t on is it? This little button will make all the difference on those cold winter mornings, so treat yourself to warm fingers on the school run or on your daily commute.

Voice Control

You can’t quite ask your car to drive itself just yet but you can ask it to do a host of other in-car features. Turn the heating up or down, change radio channel and if connected to your phone, dial up a contact or send a text. Cars like the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class are rolling out features like this as standard in their mid to upper price ranges, making it an exciting time to be buying a new car.

Water Repelling Windows

Ideally none of us would be driving through a downpour or heavy storm but when you simply must get from A to B in inclement weather, at least have windows that help you see better.

These smart windows are treated with a chemical that actively repels water so even if your windscreen wipers aren’t working quite fast enough, you’ll get extra clear vision from the glass itself. As well as being a little piece of luxury this feature has added value as a safety feature, something car enthusiasts to lifestyle bloggers can get behind.

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Not something the driver will necessarily get to enjoy in its entirety but your young passengers especially will enjoy the modern features of an inbuilt screen in the back of the driver and passenger seats. Keep them quiet on long journeys by uploading movies, TV shows and audio books making life easier and more fun for everyone. The driver too will benefit from the smart audio packages available in modern cars, featuring access to hundreds of DAB radio stations and podcasts. The days of storing CDs in your car are over as you seamlessly link up your phone to the car and access all your favourite music via apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Whichever brand of car you’re looking for, it’s worth shopping around for some great deals and all the little extras that will give you additional connectivity, entertainment and safety.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate hard for those heated seats, voice activation packages and smart windows. If you’re going to invest in a new car make sure you get to drive away safe in the knowledge you’ve got a great deal with all of life’s little luxuries included.

This is a collaborative post.

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