Cherishing Christmas Memories with TimeSpring

December 19, 2018
christmas day

If you’ve been around here a while, you will have seen my previous post about TimeSpring and how much I love it.

For those of you who have no idea, TimeSpring is a beautiful app designed especially for people to send messages to their loved ones. What makes it different is that you can set dates well into the future for them to get their messages, so sending heartfelt ramblings, or embarrassing videos of your kids for their 18th birthdays, has never been easier.

One of the best features of this app, is the ability to send a 90 second video clip to your loved ones to receive whenever you wish, and I think Christmas is a brilliant time to utilise this feature.

Here is a video below that I have sent to my eldest child, Oscar, to reach him on the 25th December 2034:

This year has been exceptionally different for Oscar, in that he now has a new person (George) who he has to share every Christmas with. Thankfully he loves him very much, and I am sure he couldn’t imagine spending the day without him now.  I really wanted to send him this message to remind him exactly how proud I am, and how I recognise what a kind-hearted, gentle, and loving big brother he is, and to note the memories of this year, such as what he wanted to Christmas and the activities we got up to.

I’m going to make this a yearly thing for both of my children and I am so happy that I have been able to do it this year. 

I’m so grateful for apps like TimeSpring who make these things possible, and I know there are so many people out there who would really appreciate the sentiment behind an app as lovely as this. Make sure to check out their website, and to recommend it to everyone you know: TimeSpring

This is a collaboration, however all opinions are my own. 

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