Our Christmas Day Traditions (ft. Boots Mini Club Clothing)

December 2, 2018

I love it when you talk to other people and find out how they spend Christmas day. Some people love to have the day with the whole family around a table of food, whereas others buy fish and chips from their local chippy and go to the pub instead. We all do it our own way, and that is why Christmas is such an amazing time overall.

Our tradition has changed over the last few years, so I wanted to document what our current Christmas day looks like and I also have a few quotes from some other lovely bloggers too (and I’d love for you to comment below and tell me how you like to spend yours!).

Christmas Morning

The first thing we do when we wake up is go to check if Santa has been, and we all sit together and open our presents. After the excitement has worn down, we eat breakfast, drink hot chocolate and play with the kids and their toys whilst Christmas music is playing in the background.

Getting Dressed Up

At around 11am, we all start to get dressed up for the day. Getting dressed up has always been a tradition of ours, and the whole family put on our best attire to look our best for those dreaded Christmas photos. You know the type, where someone has half a cheese cake hanging out of their mouth or a yorkshire pudding with gravy on their chin. They never turn out great but that is the best thing about them. Now I have two boys I am so excited to put them in matching styled/coloured outfits, and I am so pleased to have discovered the mini club range from Boots who do gorgeous outfits aged 0-7 years. These are from their ‘all dressed up’ range and I fell in love as soon as I seen them!

You can find the rest of the ‘All Dressed Up’ mini club range here.

Eating Our Dinner Together & Games!

Finally, when we are all finished getting ready, we all go round to my mams house and together we sit and open our other presents before eating dinner. We all sit round a table (babies in the high chair) and talk, no phones allowed, and we really enjoy the family time we have together before the day is over. Just before we leave, we all play games (to have a laugh at each other, mainly). The “guess who I am” games are my favourite, where someone sticks a person to your head and you have to guess who it is. The other year my stepdad had ‘feather’ on his head and I wasn’t allowed to give him verbal clues so had to act like one. How on earth do you act like a feather?

The Evening

At this point we are usually absolutely knackered from the excitement of the day, and getting home feels like getting to the end of a marathon. We put the boys to sleep and then usually put away any of their new toys and just relax with chocolate and much needed alcohol in front of a Christmas film. The cosiest day. Just how it should be.

I asked other bloggers how they spent their Christmas day and here are some of the responses I got:

The kids go downstairs first to see if Santa has been (me and my brothers did this until we moved out at the ages of 25!). We make a coffee and then the kids take it in turns in opening a present. Morning spent playing, traditional Xmas lunch followed by a walk on the beach, then home for a film. Teatime is usually a mini buffet – and then we do the same again Boxing Day (minus the presents!) and then again the day after when my parents come for a few days! – Rachel – Coffee Cake Kids

It’s a working day on the farm. So OH goes to feed the animals at 5am. Comes in for hello and stockings at 7. Maybe one present each. Then goes back out and we get up. Morning we go to see the cousins (2 houses round the corner) to swap gifts. The lunch at home usually with my brother. Afternoon OH goes out to work again. Then tea of cold turkey, ham and trifle whoever in the family had the biggest turkey. Best part of the day. – Emma – Bubbablue & Me

Christmas day is usually a day where we get together with our whole family. We open our gifts early and drink Mimosas with breakfast. We’ll go out for a walk with the dogs and then make a start on lunch shortly after when the family start to arrive. The rest of the day is spent playing games, snacking ad generally enjoying our time together. When the little ones are in bed, we crack open the prosecco, nibble on a charcuterie board and play something like Cards against Humanity. I feel excited just thinking about it, Christmas day is my perfect day. – Karina – Mums The Nerd

We open stockings in bed first, then head downstairs for breakfast and Buck’s Fizz whilst we open presents. We then play/attempt to tidy/watch tv before my dad comes round to have Christmas dinner with us. In the late afternoon we head round to my husbands mom and dads house to do presents with his family. Once we are back home and the kids are in bed we put on a film and crack open the cheese, crackers and Moët! – Amy – Mama Mighalls

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