My Dream Home Wish List

January 21, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of my perfect house. A cherry blossom tree with a tree swing attached and a huge bay window I could sit at and watch the stars out of every evening whilst reading a book.

Owning our own home is an enormous goal of mine, and where we live young people don’t have much chance of owning their own property unless they somehow come into a lot of money or have a professional job. Unfortunately at the moment, we have neither of those things – but maybe one day.

I have started to become obsessed with Pinterest again, and I have been pinning loads of gorgeous homely features that I would absolutely love to have if I were to own my own dream home and expand on it to make it our own.

Window Seat

I am not sure if window seats are a thing of the past now, but I still absolutely love them. It is a great way to fill up the empty space in a practical way and make it look cosy. I also love to people watch (some would say nosy) and sometimes I do just stare out of the window watching the world go by. One thing is for certain – it is a much better alternative to staring at a screen.  

Kitchen Island

Now this is definitely something I need in my life. At the moment we have a tiny kitchen with barely any worktop space. I would adore a kitchen that big, which I would inevitably get messy, but I can’t imagine you would ever run out of places to put things. Also, imagine how amazing your Narnia* would be in a kitchen like that?! 

*a phrase made popular by Mrs Hinch in reference to the cupboard under your sink where you store cleaning products.

Log Burning Fire

This one certainly isn’t the most practical thing to have with little children, but maybe one for when the kids get older? I love how rustic looking a log burning fire is, and of course it is very practical and cost effective if you want to save on gas bills to keep your home warm. I know there are also fake versions of these now which would definitely be worth looking into if you do have small children. 

Garden Play House

Something I know the kids would love. You could also make it less “childlike” and transform it into other things as they get older, or sit in there yourself with a good book and a glass of wine when the sun comes out to avoid those rays. It would even be a great place to have tables of food if you were having a party, but if you haven’t guessed by now I absolutely adore the natural wood, rustic ‘outdoorsy’ feel. 

Maybe, eventually I will be able to show you photos of my own that look just like these. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 

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