Our Backgarden Transformation

January 21, 2019

I have blogged before about moving house, and why we’ve moved so many times in a short space of time. One thing we never ever had in any of our houses before the one we live in now, was a garden of any kind.

All of our previous houses had small yards full of gravel which absolutely broke my heart, especially when I knew we were having a baby who would want to play. So when we came to visit the house we are now living in, I was slightly devastated at the state of the garden. I knew the kids would never be able to play in it because it was a hazard:

But still, it was a garden and I vowed to clear it myself if I had to so the kids could enjoy themselves.

Thankfully, we have the most amazing landlord who realised what a struggle it would be, and paid for the whole garden to be transformed just after we moved in. I know that is pretty normal for a landlord to be decent, and it is technically him who will benefit from it in the end, but oh my god all I see is bad things about landlords so I just thought I would mention it because I still really appreciate it. He could’ve just left it afterall.Β 

So shortly after we moved in, the work men arrived and theΒ garden clearance began.

They got rid of all the old patio stones and dug over the whole garden (front and back). We had a skip in the front garden too for all of the rubbish and ended up filling 2 or 3 with the sheer amount of rubbish that was there. I don’t know how the previous woman who lived here ever let her kids run around in it because some of the things we seen in that skip were horrendous. Needles, everything.

When we had a blank canvas, we stood and discussed theΒ garden designΒ with the landlord and were horrified that he was actually thinking about doing the whole garden with patio stones to make it easier for us to keep on top of. Thankfully he changed his mind and allowed us to keep a bit of grass for the kids. I knew it would be the perfect little space for our sons to run around in.

Over the next few days, the turf was laid, the grass was watered and we finally had the garden we had been dreaming of for years:

The only thing left for us to do was to paint the fence and make it our own.

A year later now, and the grass doesn’t look as green and we do have the odd weed here and there, but it is absolutely not even a patch close to how bad it was when we first moved in. Most importantly of all, Oscar gets to run around in it and have fun, and that is all that matters.

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