Should We Move Away?

January 20, 2019

You know when you move to a new place, the removal van has finally left, you’re putting bits away and the first few nights feel… well, odd? It feels like home, but it doesn’t. That’s how I have felt for the last few months.

For those of you reading who are new around here, or maybe just don’t know, I live in the North East of England in a little seaside town called Hartlepool. Most people don’t know where it is or have never heard of it, so let’s just say it’s about three quarters of an hour away from Newcastle/Sunderland. I was born here and have been here my whole life.

The place is okay as a whole, but I am really starting to question whether I want to raise my kids here.

Having this little space on the internet has opened my life up to a whole new world of people and places.

I mean, I know realistically when I am watching people on Instagram stories, they aren’t going to show homeless people sleeping in back alleys, people’s houses being burgled, and all the other horrible aspects of where they live, but I feel like everywhere I see is just so much better than here.

Whenever any politician talks about the North East, they talk about the lack of funding we receive for pretty much everything. Police, schools, hospitals, etc. It’s a running joke around town that people just exist here. I don’t really know anyone who is happy living here, but nobody leaves either. I don’t want to be one of those people. 

It’s pretty much impossible to find a job too and if you do it’s always minimum wage because, as I said, there’s no funding. Companies aren’t opening branches here and if they do they close within a few months because they’re getting no business. Thousands of people apply for the only few jobs that become available so it’s dog eat dog, always.

I’m sure you can imagine.

and not only that, the crime rate is just horrendous. Every day I go on Facebook and I see somebody else’s car has been broken into, or a house has been burgled, or some old person has been mugged. Imagine bringing your kids up in such a horrendous place because I can’t. I mean there are positive aspects like the parks and the beaches, but even they get ruined by horrible kids and some of the horrible people who reside here. You can’t have anything nice because someone will come and steal it from you.

Moving house to live somewhere like York or Lincoln would be my absolute dream, and one I definitely hope to achieve in the next few years. I’d be so ashamed if my kids felt like I do in 20 years time.

I want them to have endless opportunities and a decent education and that just isn’t available here so what do we do? Do we stay here and continue to be unhappy in hope that it gets better, or do we take a risk and move?

Have any of you ever left where you lived your whole life? I’d love to know the challenges you faced in doing so.

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  • Reply Kim Carberry January 21, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Ahh! My great Aunt lives in Hartlepool, she’s 83 and has lived there all of her life and said it has changed so much over the years for the worse which is such a shame. I feel the same about where I live. Ashington in Northumberland. There’s no jobs, the crime is ridiculous and I daren’t let my kids go out and play. It’s just not safe.
    We are hoping to move sometime in the future for a better life. x

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