The First Christmas With Two Children

January 20, 2019

I realise that this post is probably the last thing anyone wants to read nowadays, but I did really want to document our first Christmas before it was unacceptably late. We are still in January so that is okay, right?

Christmas 2018 was our first Christmas as a family of four, and the first we have actually spent the Christmas period as a full family since Oscar was born. Usually Anthony has to work but he thankfully saved all of his holidays which meant he had around 2 weeks off – all of the important days, and the days in between.

One of the first things I have to say about this Christmas is just how expensive it was.

Now Oscar is getting older I am finding toys are decreasing in size but increasing in price massively. Not only that, but I swear this winter has been so cold. We have gas central heating and a pre-payment meter, so after the massive expense of Christmas itself we also had a massive gas bill to fork out for, but thankfully we had saved so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

On Christmas eve we did Christmas cards for Santa, and then we put his plate out just before bed time with a note to wish him a safe journey:

It was amazing to see Oscars face on the morning of the 25th – especially now he is more aware and understands the whole “Santa brings presents” thing. George didn’t have a clue what was happening, of course. Christmas with a baby is so weird, because they still obviously expect their usual routine and I find Christmas is a massive diversion from ‘usual’.

It’s bizarre eating selection boxes for breakfast and then remembering that your baby has no clue that anything is different and it is just another day. (Click here if you want to read our Christmas Day traditions)

Bar the added exhaustion that hit us on Christmas night, we had such a lovely day. I definitely think Christmas is a thousand times better when you have kids. Seeing how excited they get is just bloody lovely.

We just spent the remaining days, before Anthony went back to work, enjoying each others company, going through old toys, putting the new away and watching films. One of the perks of having central heating is that it makes the house so cosy during winter time, so we all had loads of lovely cuddles together watching the Duggee and Paw Patrol Christmas episodes back to back in the warmth. I can’t say I was pleased to watch ‘Pups Save Christmas’ 300 times but it made Oscar happy so, of course, we left him to it.

and like that, it was over. I’m so excited for next Christmas when George can walk, so can actually see what is going on and contribute to opening his own presents. I felt like he was a bit left out compared to Oscar this year but I know he didn’t really know what was happening so I am trying not to feel too guilty about that.

How did your Christmas go? Did you find it extremely busy and expensive too?

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