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February 9, 2019
evermeadow playhouse review

When I was a little girl, I longed for a wooden playhouse. I remember having a plastic one at some point, but whenever we went to garden centres I was always the first in the playhouse/shed section begging my parents to buy one. I always kept this in mind for my own children and was recently looking at buying one for Oscar’s birthday, when I actually received an email from Big Game Hunters asking if I would like to carry out a review of the Evermeadow House. Of course I said yes. 

If any of you watched my Instagram stories, you will have seen it for a few days in my kitchen before it was built. Big Game Hunters state on their website that the playhouse will arrive in regular packaging with just their brand printed on so your child doesn’t know what is inside. When ours arrived it had their large bee logo printed on the packaging, and as a result Oscar actually thought it was full of bees – it gave us a good laugh.

  • Side note: When it arrived, it was definitely on the heavier side, so if you can’t lift, I would suggest having the delivery driver carry it in for you or having someone else around who can.

Putting The House Together

When the weekend finally came around, and the weather cheered up a bit, we finally got around to building it. I say we, but what I really mean is that I left Anthony to build it while I made dinner for the kids. It only took an hour from opening to it being fully constructed. I was so impressed.

He said it was the easiest thing he’d ever had to build and wished everything was as simple. All of the screws were labelled in little bags, and the panels just slid together and only required a few screws here and there. If you’re a bit of a DIY phobe like me, I’d definitely recommend this purely for the simplicity. You would be completely able to build it by yourself with no help required too.

Testing It Out

Before we installed the floor, we carried the playhouse outside to check if it fit onto the slabs we had placed on the grass. It looked way bigger than we expected it to be once it was finished but thankfully it fit perfectly.

Oscar wanted to explore so I managed to get some photos of him having fun before we brought it back inside. The floor of the house is optional when purchasing, and the photos below are what the house would look like if you didn’t choose to have the floor:

He was the most excited he could have possibly been too. A snow day and a new playhouse… can you even imagine?! As you can see, it was the perfect size height wise for him (and he is quite tall for a 2-3 year old) so he will definitely get his use out of it as the years go by.

We had to drag him back inside when the snow kicked back up because he was almost frozen!

The whole house is pale natural wood and is untreated so that you can choose whatever colour you would wish it to be. I would advise getting your paint at the same time you set the house up so you know it won’t be left for very long outside. The Big Game Hunters website suggests using a suitable wood preserver before use. A lot of them are clear, so you don’t have to paint it a bright colour, but that is completely up to you.

Thankfully for us, we have double patio doors so it lived in our conservatory away from the horrible weather until I could paint it.


I chose my colour and put on a brave face and went out in the cold to start painting. I love painting and find it so relaxing, but doing it in the snow is definitely an experience to say the least.

The colour I chose is Forget-Me-Not from Cuprinol.

If you do opt for Cuprinol paint, keep in mind that it is very thin and that you may need a few coats. I definitely need to do another coat on this. We bought a 2.5 litre tin which is more than enough but the 1 litre definitely won’t be.

It was really easy to paint and the wood absorbed it brilliantly. The only downside with painting is that you can’t access the wooden bar going down the middle of the window (as the windows are already fitted and secure when it comes) and if you’re a particular person you might not like that… however I still think it looks lovely and it doesn’t personally bother me at all.

Gee Gardner has also written a review of this beautiful playhouse and hasn’t painted any of the wood inside of the windows to avoid it being an issue.

And this is the current situation:

I am going to do another coat of paint and eventually I will make window boxes with flowers, and hang bunting from the roof – I can’t wait to show you all the finished result. In summer we will fill it full of cushions and it can be a place to hide from the sun, or a wonderful home to a teddy bear picnic.


I am so impressed and would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking to buy one. The quality is absolutely brilliant, it was really easy and quick to put together and is an absolute bargain for the price (currently £99!). I know it will last years so I love that both of my children will get to enjoy it too.

If you want more information on the playhouse or would like to purchase one yourself, make sure to click here. (NOT an affiliate link)

This playhouse was kindly gifted by Big Game Hunters for the purpose of this review.

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    Aww! How lovely! This looks like a fantastic playhouse. So simple to put together and fab when it’s built x

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