About Me

I’m Fern, 23 years old and a mother of two boys.

I started writing my blog shortly after my son, Oscar, was born in 2016. I was getting awfully sick of seeing the same stereotypes being written continuously about young mums that just weren’t true, and it was beginning to get on my nerves. At the time, I didn’t realise how large the parenting blogger community actually was and felt a little lost trying to squeeze my way in, but thankfully I have met some of the most amazing people since starting my journey who have guided me along the way.

Motherhood is amazing, however, I am sure we all know by now that it’s not the whole truth.

I remember that I just really wanted to come here to tell you how shit my breast feeding experience was, and that I was tricked by the NHS into thinking it would be glorious. I wanted to share my mental health issues, and for you all to know that i’m here for you all no matter what. I wanted to support other mums and be supported back, and to grow a community of bloggers who felt like they could be totally honest with each other when it came to mental health, which is when I decided to start my #MentalHealthMondays series, and I was so overjoyed with the response. I have been so proud of my blog ever since.

My blog contains everything from posts about miscarriage, baby led weaning, and even how we accidentally acquired our cat, Luna, who decided she would wander into our lives when I was 6 months pregnant with O.

I’m not sure where our story will go from here, but I do hope you stick around to see it!

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