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summertime memories

Summer Reminiscing with TimeSpring

I read the other day that you only have 18 summers with your children. Realistically it’s probably more like 15, before they are ditching you to go out with their friends and you aren’t “cool” anymore. When I think about it too much, I…

August 13, 2018

Our Terrible Experience With Private Nursery

As I was approaching my return to work, I had an ongoing battle in my mind over what I was going to do for child care. In regards to nursery vs childminder, I had lots of people trying to put me off either option.…

August 6, 2018

Baby Bjorn – Bouncer Bliss Review

If I told you that there is a bouncer out there that folds completely flat, looks beautiful in your home and is perfectly designed for a newborn baby AND a two year old, you wouldn’t believe me… right? Except there is – the Bouncer…

July 29, 2018

Weight Loss Diary – Week 1 – I Lost How Much?!

So week one of my weight loss journey is over, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose anywhere near as much as I did. Just a quick disclaimer before we get into it. There were quite a few…

July 21, 2018

Weekly Weight Loss Diary – A New Series

So it’s time to talk about the one thing that has been bothering me for the majority of my life. My weight. I have almost always had weight issues in some way or another. When I was 14 I was bullied immensely for my…

July 14, 2018

Summer 2019 Fitness & Health Goals

Like everybody else I know, I started the year with the resolution that I would lose weight, improve my fitness, and eat clean by the summer. I had visions in my head of my perfect beach body, and I swore this year would be…

July 4, 2018

UK Breastfeeding Services Failed Me Again

Did you know that UK breastfeeding rates are some of the lowest in the world? I didn’t. I only found this out when I began to feed George and joined feeding groups on Facebook. To be honest, I never understood why people wouldn’t at…

June 28, 2018

Toddler Space Themed Bedroom Transformation (On A Budget!)

Thanks to Christmas, we had accumulated all kinds of toys that Oscar wasn’t interested in. It had only been two months when we had to start buying birthday presents, and we didn’t exactly want to contribute to that pile ourselves. On the run up…

June 23, 2018