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Supporting An ‘Influencer’ Is Supporting A Business

Something wonderful happened this week. I hit my goal of reaching 1000 followers on Instagram. I know that might seem a mere few to some, but I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Hitting this goal really helps me as…

October 6, 2018

The ‘Perception’ of Bloggers / Vloggers

Today was rather eventful in the blogging/vlogging world. All day I was seeing posts and tweets that I knew must have been about something, I just didn’t know what, and then I stumbled across this Facebook postΒ from an actual hotel’s business page: I almost…

January 16, 2018

We Were On A Break (Blogging Journey Update)

Here I am again, telling you about how I am back from a well deserved blogging break. I haven’t really been around the past 2-3 weeks. I stopped using social media, and tried to avoid my phone as much as possible. We had a…

October 3, 2017